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Why choose Khaacheck Pictures?


Starting out with photography and cinematography can be confusing, the challenges intimidating, pricing difficult, and how are potential customers supposed to find you in the first place? Here you will find a wonderful community, inspiration, and further education.
Khaacheck pictures is one of the oldest and the most trustable brand when it comes to any service related to photography and cinematography started by Mr.Mitesh Manuja.

The main value add is that the founder himself teaches Students out of passion and will never compromise on their learning. He has taken more than 300 students under his wings.
The institute focuses more on the practical aspect of photography and cinematography rather than teaching in class. Our courses are the most effective and interactive way to learn everything about photography and cinematography.
We ensure we give our students proper exposure of what goes on in a live shoot and set.
We additionally focus on how our students can land assignments and jobs. We also give placements to our students with reputed firms in the industry.
Furthermore, we provide a reputed diploma and internship letter as well.

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Diploma Courses

Khaacheck pictures offers Basic and Professional Photography courses on part time and full time basis on Weekdays and Weekends. For all those who are interested in making a career out of Photography industry can join in the Diploma in Best Photography courses.

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