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About Khaacheck Pictures:

We take filmland of moments that we want to capture ever. The wedding is the most essential part of an existent’s life. Whereas shooting the marriage comes on the list of marriage rudiments because no- one wants to have photos that don't justify the moments of wedding. So an expert marriage shooter who can play with his gear too well and who has a creative perspective to catch the extraordinary air of your D- Day is the reality who everyone looks for. when it comes to marriage shooter, it becomes indeed more special when there are just too numerous options and you're hysterical that you don’t miss out on the stylish, aren’t you?

Pre-wedding shoot:

The Pre-Wedding Ceremony has everything else needed to make it worn beautifully. The simplicity of the Pre-Wedding Video Caption is all about encapsulating the beauty of the occasion in the most uncommon manner. The beauty of this occurrence lies around the divide of choosing the right Caption for a Pre-Wedding Video.

Candid wedding photography:

This particular genre of photography derives from photojournalism, the craft used by news photographers to tell their story in images accompanying the articles. With the decline of print publications, many photojournalists found themselves without a job, so they transitioned onto documenting weddings and they followed the same principles. When it comes to weddings there are various degrees in which artists direct the events from the traditional photographers who have complete control over the timeline, to pure photojournalists who adopt a fly on the wall approach.

Cinematic wedding videos:

Standard wedding videos aim is to record everything of your wedding day, giving you a memory of events that occurred in sequential order. A cinematic wedding video gives an angle to the day, an artistic style. Gone are those days when a man with a camera and a big yellow focus light kept the camera rolling all day. Today wedding videos are all about telling stories.

Why khaacheck pictures?

The professionals at khaacheck pictures understand the importance of every single person in your wedding and offer an exclusive photography service where everybody is their focus of attention. They'll work in an unobtrusive manner, making sure that you get the most candid portraits of your big day. They work with the latest digital equipment in order for your images to turn out absolutely flawless and fabulous. Delivering personalized customer service makes a huge difference. Here's how to do it right. The results will be instantaneous.

Khaacheck pictures includes an enormous variety of services in its different customised wedding packages. Depending on your budget size, individual needs and preferences, you may choose among the following options: Pre- and post-wedding shoots (indoor and outdoor)
  • Full feature wedding film
  • HD videos
  • Highlights and trailer
  • Image and video editing
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