Diploma Course in Wedding

What you learn

“Diploma in Weddings and Events Photography is a complete wedding photography course for people those who want to make a profitable career in wedding photography.” This wedding photography course is a about to gain experience and knowledge of how to photograph a wedding event. In this course you will learn about all aspects of wedding photography in detail including equipment, marketing, shooting techniques, post production. Apart from photography you will also learn about pre weddings , candid wedding photography , bridal photoshoots etc ,to become a top wedding photographer.

All about equipment

In depth knowledge of portable flash, techniques and accessories Students get an opportunity to cover different types of events right from birthdays to pre weddings and weddings

Light setup and studio photography

As a student you will practically learn to set up studio individually using different attachments and setup photo booth.

Location Shoots

Understanding light is very important in photography. Outdoor shoots are conducted to learn to see the light, its quality and colour. Use of reflectors, flash and accesorries.

All about presentation and marketing

Capturing a great image will no longer keep you competitive these days

Wedding Market

Gain knowledge about todays wedding market from experienced professionals.

Cinematography techniques

Cinematography is as important as photography in weddings so we help Our students to learn and apply it practically with all the equipment.

Advance editing

Students will learn advance editing software ike Adobe photoshop and premiere pro.

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