Diploma in Product & Jewellery Photography Course

What you learn

The product photography course at the Khaacheck pictures is designed to enable our students to frame and compose the product with proper light and concept.
The class sessions cover composition and lighting techniques, the technical aspects of photography, and an overview of studio equipment In addition you will get a deep understanding of the lights of the product through practical shoots.

Students Learn how to get started with product photography through this series of introductory classes that cover useful product photography techniques, photography background choices, and more. You will learn professional product photography techniques to shoot e-commerce and commercial images. We will show you our professional techniques that we have learned from years of field experience.

This product photography course also includes photoshop, which will be focused more on product post-processing techniques. Discussion about the flashes, and modifiers. How important it is to use the right gears for achieving the right results.
We will discuss essential gears, the right lenses for product shoots and much more.

  • Introduction
  • Cameras & lenses for product photography
  • Recommended equipment for product photography
  • Studio space and how to make it work
  • Making & using scrims for product photography
  • Product Make-up
  • Food Styling
  • Photography for Print Ads
  • Background
  • Lighting
  • Post Processing

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