Diploma in Cinematography

What you learn

During the course, students will be taught various skills and techniques for planning and coordinating film. They are taught several techniques of cinematography like the handling of the camera, size of a shot, use of special effects, camera angle, movement and shot, lightning techniques and aesthetics, editing and transitional devices, sound effects, and many more. Our Film and Cinema courses are designed in such a way that it makes the students confident enough to enter the film industry on the completion of the filmmaking, film technology and cinematography courses.

Cinematography course helps students in aiming for job profiles like Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Cameraman, and Videographer. Cinematography has become a career option since the requirement for cinematographers is always high owing to ever-expanding film and television industry.
Concepts in Cinematography include visual storytelling, camera techniques, lighting methods and techniques, scene composition and working with the entire film crew. During the course, students are introduced to several concepts on editing through short film projects genres, film lighting, basics of cinematography and digital cinematography.
Cinematography is the art of capturing photographic images in space through the use of a number of controllable elements such as camera, artificial lights, characters etc. It is a function of the relationship between the camera lens and a light source, the focal length of the lens, the camera's position and its capacity for motion.

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  • Covers basic and advance photography
  • Angles and composition
  • Imagination and creativeness
  • Understanding the role of a cinematographer
  • Pre production work of a cinematographer
  • Direction
  • 3 -5 column script
  • Story boarding
  • Screenplay
  • Evolution of cinematography
  • Director – cinematographer relationship on set
  • Demonstrate basic roles of camera assistant, gaffer, focus puller etc.
  • Lighting for outdoor shoot
  • Lenses and its uses
  • Make a production workflow
  • Analyzing a screenplay from a cinematographer’s perspective
  • Indoor shooting lighting setup
  • Usage of all equipments for effective shooting
  • Creative lighting
  • Continuity
  • Lighting tools
  • Basics of video editing
  • The long take
  • Shoot a short film

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