Basic Photography Course

Duration: One month
Batch strength: 5-7students

What you learn

This course is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge on how to use a camera. This course covers basic concepts and practice of digital photography, including understanding and use of the camera, lenses, and other basic photographic equipment. The course will address aesthetic principles as they relate to composition, space, exposure, light and color.


History of Photography, Understanding of various genres of photography like Nature, Travel, Wildlife, fashion, glamour, jewellery, & food.

Camera Control

Types of Cameras, its advantages and role in the current scenario Shutter, its working and how different settings have different effects. Aperture, its working, concepts and its effect in photograph.

Manual Settings

Learn to set the exposure in Manual mode controlling all the paraments aperture ( F. Number), shutter speed and ISO to get the right kind of light into the picture. Also explore different Exposure modes.


Types of Lens and knowing the right lens to shoot various subjects.

Depth of field

Using it effectively and knowing factors affecting depth of field

Portrait photography and shooting Landscapes

Selecting exposure modes, choosing lenses, viewing light, use of reflectors, etc.


Composition is what makes the picture truly attractive , learn different compositions.

Lighting and Exposture

Discussing type of source, quality of light, direction of light, color of light.

Use of Flash in Photography

Portable flash, studio lighting set up using multiple lights, light modifiers etc.

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